"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than bread"
                                                               Mother Theresa

      Welcome to the world of wellness! I commend you for taking the step in finding a therapist to support you in your journey as you explore positive ways to manage your stressors to be able to live to your highest potentials. Therapy will provide you with the window of opportunity towards personal growth, wellness and create learning experience that will enhance your coping skills to help deal with life's challenges.

      The journey to life is a roadmap that has its twist and turns but the best part of it is the ability of an individual to gain insight out of the experience and use his/her strengths to conquer the challenges that goes with it. Individuals are equipped with the ability to adjust to different life transitions, however, reality indicates that there are obstacles and certain life encounters that impact individual's level of functioning whether at home, work, school or interactions with others. As a therapist, I believe that individual has his or her own stories to tell, has his or her life experiences to share and has his or her own struggles and that what makes everyone a unique individual in his own or her own way.

      If you happened to be one of the people experiencing emotional pain and dealing with issues of depression, grief and loss, abandonment, trauma, anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem, having difficulties conceiving, life transitions, getting affected by work related stress, marital problems, parenting or has a child who is in need of counseling due to difficulties at school and home, please contact me at 916-833-1500 (confidential voicemail) or email me at [email protected] to schedule an appointment and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

      Positive outcomes from therapy are the results of client's strong determination to reach his or her own goals and embracing positive change and the therapist's ability to be effective, empathetic, compassionate and establishing a trusting,safe and therapeutic environment for clients.

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